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Comprehensive immigration reform discussions are well underway but taking the time to dissect the 844 page bill can be intimidating! Which aspects of this bill have profound changes that affect business immigration practitioners?

If you need a breakdown analysis of the sections in the bill that will impact business immigration attorneys, don't miss Part 1 of a multi-part webinar series covering S.744.

How many new visas are allotted or reduced? What are the proposed timelines? Get these answers and several others.

Who Should Watch?

  • Business immigration practitioners

  • BIA representatives

  • Non-profit legal service organizations

Panelists:       Romy Kapoor, Kapoor Law Group
                        Eric Bord
, Morgan Lewis       

Moderator:     Ann Cun, LawLogix Group, Inc.             

Broadcast:      Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Length:           60 minutes

Senate Immigration Bill S.744:
Analysis of the New Merit & Revised Employment Visas

What Others Say About LawLogix Webinars

  • Thank you! Your webinar made me think of a lot of things I hadn't considered regarding CIR ramp-up."

  • I will listen to the seminar again so I can "soak up more" than when I listened the first time. But I really enjoyed your seminar!

  • Excellent webinar. I am very impressed with the knowledge of the speakers, and always come away with great information.

  • I really appreciate the information filled webinar. So many of these are really just thinly veiled sales presentations.

  • Very good seminar and the moderator was great!


We’ll Cover the Following Provisions in S.744:

  • Merit-Based Immigrant Visa System

  • Reforms to H-1B Visa

  • Reforms to L Visa

  • Expansion of Treaty Visa

To register for the next webinar in the CIR S.744 Series covering RPI, Dream Act and more, click here.